Tuesday, July 5, 2022

for a garden party

We can make a party place of our own. But the SL19 Birthday party is nearly over. The end of SL19B is coming soon. But there is still time for you to go to all the places where you can find the gifts to make this patio. The table of ~PPC~ I unlinked. The typewriter and a steampunk guitar and some more accessories that were attached to the table I took away, because I needed a table for the treats. I hope you enjoy what I combined. 

Pergola: Noveny at Poppy - Noveny - Pergola Birthday SL - GIFT

Coffee cups: FOXCITY at Snapdragon - FOXCITY. Decor - Pride Mug & Coaster decor only (free)
Donuts and milk tray (dispenser): Magic Party at Lupine - <Magic Party> SL19B GIFT (free)
Cupcakes: Dahlia at Lupine -Dahlia - Maggie - Cupcake - Blueberry ( rezz and hold version)(free)
Panda cookies Madras at Lupine - MADRAS Panda Cookie SLB19 Gift decor only (free)

Sakura pink tree: Hayabusa Design at Poppy -Hayabusa Design - Inworld Shopping June 2022 (free)
Planters: Shutterfield at Chickory - SF Tin Flower Bed V1 and V2- Gift - (free)
Wobbly Cactus: Soul2Soul at Forsythia - Soul2Soul. Wobbly Cactus Set. SL19B GIFT (free)
Tulips: Chez Moi at Halcyon - CHEZ MOI Spring Decor (free)
Old Stone vase with berries and eucalyptus: Nutmeg at Poppy - Nutmeg Flower Gift -1 ( free)
Lavender Bucket: Sparrows Nest at Lupine - SN LAVENDER BUCKET(free)
Pink pot with flowers: Sparrows nest at Lupine - SN A free gift from me to you comes with animated butterflies(free)
Wood planter with blue flowers: Sparrows Nest at Lupine - SN Small Worn Wood Planter (free)
Tall vase with white hydrangea: Sparrows Nest at Lupine - Sparrows Nest - Hud Bees (free)

Stone bench with ivy and flower pot: Bad Katz  at Chickory - Bad Katz S&H Gift comes with animated  butterflies and light sparkles (free)
Hammock: Lacrime dell'Anima at Gleaming - SL19B Shop&Hop GIFT *Lacrime dell'anima* (free)
Paper lanterns: *Artisan Fantasy* at Gleaming - *AF* Paper Lanterns (free)
Steampunk table: ~PPC~ ( Prim Pile Creations) at Forsythia - ~PPC~ Steampunk L-Shape Desk (free)
Floor Pillows: 3D Republic (TD) at Chickory - TD Floor Pillow Stack decor (free)
Log Stool: SLAM // at Lupine - SLAM // log stool set 2 versions // SL19B Shop & Hop gift (free)

Bye bye, Nic

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