Friday, July 8, 2022

with the pugs in the pool


Enough items I got to make a pool scene for Nic. Base is the {YD} summer pool that I already had in my inventory. At one side I placed a wall with columns, the Minimal april group gift 2020. Behind Nic you can see the hanging bench, the latest Minimal group gift. I recolored the cushions a bit. They were white. Long time ago i joined the Minimal group for free. Group membership is 350ld now. 
Gifts that I got at Shop&Hop are the ice popsicle floatie, the floatie with a pattern, the amphora vases, Nic's flip flops, the lemonade dispenser set and the chairs. The chairs are wearable chairs. I rezzed them as decor pieces. Rezzed you can't sit on them. The wearable chairs come  in two versions (males and females). There is a hud for the textures. I wanted to make the pool scene because I bought the bikini with hat with store credits of Belle Epoque. The group join is just 10ld. In the shop is the board that you need to click to get the credits. You get a set in one color. Uhm yes i confess I bought two sets with the credits plus a bit extra payment. I couldn't decide what color I wanted. 😏
As regards to the gift of [QE] you  need to know that you get a gift with paintings and goodies. The goodies folder contains: shorts and tops,flip flops and a bikini all with color/texture hud and a banana plant. 

Bikini with hat: Belle Epoque - Belle Epoque - Rafaella - Sky (free/ bought with groupgift store credits/see my text)
Flip flops: [QE] at S&H - [QE] Beachcomber Flips -End of Summer- (free)
Hair: RAMA.SALON - 'RAMA.SALON - Jessie Hair 'Naturals Pack'
Lemonade: DUST at S&H: - DUST: Lemonade Giver BOX (free)
Pose and prop/ floatie and drink: BellePoses - BellePoses - Livia. 
From inventory: drink floatie - e.marie x Ariskea; Summer Pool - {YD}; floaties for the dogs - {what next} ( old groupgift/available); sitting pug- Dench Designs; swimming pug - Black Bantam

Hanging chair decor: Minimal - Minimal July Group Gift (NEW/groupgift/ join group costs)
Wearable Camping Chair: {what next}  at S&H  at S&H - {wn}  Wearable Camping Chair - (free)
Popsicle floatie: [CIRCA] at S&H - SL19B Gift Set - [CIRCA] Living (free)
Pattern floatie: !TYLAR'S at S&H - !TYLAR'S SL19B Shop and Hop GIFT Pool Float (free)
Vases: Myth - Myth - Amphora Vase (free)

Bye bye, Nic

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