Monday, September 12, 2016

will the future be full of magic?

In the little home from the fortune teller. She needs to wait till the fortuneteller comes. A bit nervous she is.... what shall the future bring?

Nic is wearing another ouftit from The BeautifulOnes  from the Boho Event. A ripped jeans and a jacket with shoulder and a  part of the back in a different texture. The top is included, but it isn't a one piece. ( better!). All parts have a hud  for more texture and color options.
The hair is the SLFrees&Offers gift from Mina in her mainstore. It was super crowded yesterday when i went there to get this hair. It has just one color option but i like it very much. The golden bracelet is from a set with a choker from Scandalize, a groupgift. The necklace is the newest groupgift from the Lamu group from Alb Dream Fashion. Comes in many colors.
The ring is from a set with a necklace from Tatalum a new release at the Revamped Event. Designers remake  customer favorites  to include mesh,  appliers, new appliers, or new pieces not available before. This Monthly event runs from the 28th of each month to the 20th of the next month. The gems have a color hud as well as the metals. I sure will show you another time the beautiful necklace from this set.
The shoes are from ILLI for the birthday from the Maitreya Maniacs group. Click the box that is above the Midnight Mania board in the shop.
Behind Nic on the wall are city skylines. 15 detailed mesh City Skylines to win, one per avatar every 6 hours thru 9/13! at [ free bird ].
The fortune tell table with chairs is from the Twisted Hunt at [Circa]. It's  a huge shop, so i will give a little help to find the blue cube: Upstairs above the main entrance near the window behind a vendor of chandeliers. The chair from the fortune teller has 2 poses, the chair from the guest has 8 poses. The blue glass globe isn't scripted  to tell you the future. Pfff  may be better. The blue sparkles are also from [Circa] at Sanarae

Jeans: The BeautifulOnes at the Stuff Lounge - .:TBO:. Cher ripped pants -(NEW)
Jacket and top: The BeautifulOnes at the Stuff Lounge -.:TBO:. Zinnia - boho jacket & top (NEW)
Shoes: ..::ILLI::.. ( click sign above the MM) - ..::ILLI::.. !Maitreya Maniacs !Gift
Hair: MINA for SL Frees&Offers group - Mina SLF&O group gift - Mena (free)
Bracelet: Scandalize - Scandalize. AMARA SET (free)
Ring Tantalum at Revamped Event - part of ~Tantalum~ Christane Necklace & Rings*. (unpacked)
Necklace: Alb Dream Fashion - ALB CHERRY necklaces mesh - AnaLee Balut (free)

Sky Lines:[ free bird  ] - [ free birds ] Skylines (free till 9/13/ then gacha item)
Table and chairs:[Circa] - "Look beyond Fortune Teller Set " ! THF16 67 of 91 [CIRCA] ( Twisted hunt/ free)
Blue sparkles: [Circa] at Sanarae (will close 18th) -  [CIRCA] -"Festival Light Art" Flower Burst (NEW)
From inventory: cats: fashionably dead; cat in basket - KittyCats
Pictures made at: Pals Meadow
Bye bye, Nic

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