Monday, September 19, 2016

congratulations Virgo.. she is waiting for you...(hurry girls for the Cynful gifts)

A sort of a birthday present this is. She is ready and waiting. Isn't it cool to find a Virgo wall art from Mad Pea, when you know someone who is a Virgo will have his birthday.. As they say in the notices of the group: celebrating all Virgos!  Those born under this sign are forever the butt of jokes for being so picky and critical (and they can be), but their 'attention to detail' is for a reason: to help others!

About the elements i found this :
The element V = Vanadium:  a hard gray metal of the transition series, used to make alloy steels.
The element I =  Iodium a nonmetallic element forming black crystals used for healing and desinfectance for wounds
The element RG: a radioactive element produced artificially.
The element O: Oxygen  the life-supporting component of the air.
Conclusion: the Virgo man is a mr. Gray from steel with healing qualities.
Just kidding, but it's a nice idea.

Nic is showing you one of the presents that i picked up at Cynful. Many presents there for the anniversary of the shop. Go fast to pick them up, because it's the last day they told me.
Nic is also wearing the boots that i told you about in the post before this one. Black boots from Blueberry at the gacha from The Arcade are rare ones.This means they are hard to get and that is why they are expensive. I searched on marketplace and got a super deal .. lucky me. On the last picture Nic is wearing a beautiful Taylor sweater mini dress from i`piteme.  The dress can be worn over a legging. Nic is wearing it now over her underwear. Don't we do this when we awake and are feeling cold, when standing near our bed. We grab something to feel warm. And the result is sexy.
The colors in the color hud are awesome, vivid and brilliant.

Virgo wall art:  Mad pea in notices of the group- MadPea Virgo Wall Frame (free)
Babydoll and panties: ~Blacklace~ at Cynful birthday -~Blacklace~ Baby Girl: Black Lace Baby Doll - Cyn Gift (free/ last day  today)
Boots: Blueberry at The Arcade -#4 Blueberry - Mykonos / Boots - Maitreya - Black RARE
Blue sweater dress: i`pimene - ~i~ Taylor Sweater Mini Dress color hud 25 colors all mesh bodies only (NEW)
From inventory: Hair - little.bones
Pictures made at: Umbral
Bye bye, Nic
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