Sunday, September 4, 2016

musica è

music is to look further and to get lost in yourself.. a beating of life and love

Nic is relaxing in a small harbour. Ofcourse it is a joy to hear the sound of the harbour, the water and the boats but she prefers now the music from her headphone from Silvery K. It is from a gacha at the new round from Creators Collection Box. She is wearing a nice romper from Aplla May Designs. I hope you can get the romper from Apple May at the last chance sale from the Midnight Madness. The shoes are from Astralia. You can buy them in orange as Midnight Madness last Chance. And you can also buy a hud to give the shoes another color ( as i did ) Nic's necklace is from ANE from Nic's inventory.
Behind Nic the VW beach party bus from Silvery K ( from the gacha at Whimsical) i showed it here already, but now you can see the bus in blue.

Shoes: Astralia  - Astralia - Celine heels ( last chance 50ld)
Hud for shoes: Astralia - Astralia Celine Heels hud
Romper Apple May Designs -Apple May Designs - Rayna Romper - Sky ( last chance 50ld)
Headphone: Silvery K at CCB -
Beach part bus - Silvery K at Whimsical -  Beach party gacha rare (each try 50ld/NEW)
Pictures taken at The Village & BarDeco
From inventory:Necklace: ANE ( not available anymore); Hair Beusy
Bye bye, Nic

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