Thursday, September 22, 2016

if you don't allow the fall to begin.... you will never reach spring

Being such a spring and summer lover, it is hard to see those seasons fade away. But if you don't allow the fall to begin.. you will never reach a new spring. It's about the circle of life.

Nic is showing you a beautiful gown from UNA at Tres Chic. The top part is changeable with a hud. Under the dress she is wearing new shoes from Basta! Footwear in bronze/gold.They are a regular store release. Close-up below. The earrings are a gift for the SLFrees&offers group at Zuri. I attached a copied earring to the choker to make a combination  from earring and choker. The choker and bracelet are a  gift at Chop Zuey. Nic is wearing a diamond nose pierce from Eufori, a dollarbie at marketplace
Behind Nic is a beige bench with books from Mistique. The bench has many nice poses.The pumpkin chairs are also from Mistique. The pufs in white green are from Serenity Style

Dress: UNA at Tres Chic  - :::UNA:::Eva dress Pink (NEW)
Shoes: B!asta - [B!] :NOLA: (Bronze)  - BASTA! Footwear (NEW)
Nose piercing: .euphoric - .euphoric ~Hizma (Nose Pearcing)(1ld)
Choker and bracelet: Chop Zuey - Chop Zuey Gift - Ophelia Set - Silver (free)
Earrings: Zuri Rayna for SLFrees&Offers - Zuri Rayna-Sashi Post Earrings - Mocha/Black Sterling (free)

Pumpkin chairs: Mistique - Mistique reading bench beige (NEW)
Beige bench with books: Mistique - Mistique- Pumpkin Seat Yellow , brown and red (NEW)
Pufs: Serenity Style - Serenity Style Ibiza puf
From inventory: Pumpins - Chez Moi and mushilu
From inventory: Hair - Exile
Pictures taken at Keke land
Bye bye, Nic
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