Friday, September 30, 2016

plushies, cookies and robots shop

She is placing plushies, robots and cookies on the windowsill from her shop to get the attention from passersby.
Nic is showing you two blue outfits. The september groupgift dress from Black Rose and the october groupgift top and skirt from Emberotic's. The fox plushies from katatOnik and the wolpertinger plushies from silentsparrow ar gifts at Sanarae. The cookies in boxes, the pumpkins, the blue zipper shoe, the poses and the bucket with flowers are all gifts at Sanarae. The robots are from Serenity Style for the new round for The Project Se7en (started 30 september 2016).
madpea has every friday 24 hours a groupgift in store. Today the holdable crazy bat plushie.
In this blogpost two items from the the Fifty Linden Friday. The white pumps from ANE and the lovely hair from Wasabi Pills. With a hud with more colors. From Nic's inventory steps from tarte.
Below some close-ups

Dress: BlackRose - BlackRose September Gift (free)
Skirt and top: Emberotic's - EFD_OCT 2016 Group Gift  *Add to unpack* (free)
Hair: Wasabi Pills - /Wasabi Pills/ Marissa Mesh Hair - FLF Exclusive pack (50ld)
White shoes: ANE - ANE Pump Roundtoe BackBow PEARL FLF (50ld)
Blue zipper shoes: Livalle at Sanarae - {Livalle} Classico -Zipper Heels- Baby Blue (free)
Robots:  Serenity Style at THE PROJECT SE7EN - Serenity Style- Mycuf (NEW)
Crazy Bat Plushie: MadPea - MadPea Crazy Bat Plushie ( friday groupgift /only available 24 hours as groupgift (free)
Fox dolls: *katatOnik*  at Sanarae - (gift) *katatOnik* Sanarae Fox Doll (free)
Wolpertingers: ~silentsparrow~at Sanarae - ~silentsparrow~ Moonbun - Wolpertinger -(free)
Bucket with flowers:*N* Cosmos at Sanarae - *N*Cosmos bucket gift at Sanarae (free)
Cookie in boxes: Sweet Lies  at Sanarae - *SL* cookie boxes (free)
Pumpkins: dubu. at Sanarae - dubu. Pumpkins ///Sanarae gift (free)
Poses: *agapee* at Sanarae - *agapee* SaNaRae 1st Anniversary GIFT!(free)
From inventory: Steps- tarte
Pictures made at Lo Lo
Bye bye, Nic
Click smal pictures to enlarge

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