Sunday, July 12, 2015

hey, what you gonna do with me? mr. Grey

Who gives you all she has to give? And who would dedicate her heart to you... Who fulfills all her promises? Tell me what you gonna do..Wanna know, wanna know

The older tjip again with long hair. Hair that matches him so well, when he shows up here as a more older person..The hair is from no.match. The brown hair on the last picture is the groupgift from that shop. Shirts and hoodie are from Alterego, a groupgift. Many shirt and hoodie versions in the bag.

Both skins are made by my friend Anda. Nic had a long day at the beach as you can see.
From another friend ( Verdant) is the shape from Nic. He opened in the shop from his girlfriend his own shop with avatars shapes and skins. This shape is the groupgift. In the box is a skin made by his gf. This groupgift shape is no modify. All other shapes are modify. Have a look overthere. I like what he made.
Nic's hair is like the hair from the american singer, songwriter and actress P!nk. It's a groupgift from Virtual Diva. The elephant necklace is a groupgift from Kitja. You can find it on the statue on the desk. The shoes are a new goupgift at Faboo ( thanks Juliet for telling me about it!)

Credits: On Nic:
Shape: [VA] - [VA] Avatars - Welcome Gift [box]
Hair: Virtual Diva -:::Virtual Diva::: Pink Hair GROUPGIFT (free)
Top: Lowkey Shawty - Lowket Shawty knotted shirt (free)
Necklace: Kitja - KITJA - Elephant Necklace GIFT (free)
Bag: treh blah - -tb- tres Blah Tote Bag (subscrib-O-matic gift) (free)
From her inventory: Armband - Mandala; Tattoo - Devol (shop is gone); shorts - FA Creations
On tjip:
Hair (black): no.match - no.match_ ~ NO_EXCEPTION ~ Pack of BLACKS
Hair(brown): no.match - groupgift no.match_ ~ NO_COUNTRY ~ Pack of BROWNS (free)
Boots: !Aphorism! - !APHORISM! Ltd Ed Leather Ankle Boots Group Gift unisex (free)
Shirt and hoodie: Alterego - .alterego. mens FREE gifts (free)
From inventory: Jeans -American Bazaar at Mens Only event.
Pictures taken at: Baja Norte
Bye bye, Nic
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