Saturday, July 11, 2015

about hair

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Ofcourse the most of you know the hair fair started today. Ends 26th July. When you already want to know what free hair you can get watch the blog from Rudhmellowen Laguna here. She made already her round there. And shows us on her blog the free hairs that she found. The event is on 4 sims, named for hair colors. Ofcourse i couldn't get in, because it is so crowded. The region where i wanted to start is the redhead sim...but 5670 visitors! hmm!  That is why i am so glad with the new groupgift hair from Truth, that i found today. The disappointment about not getting access to the hair fair is lesser now.
Oh and for the once who can enter here you can see where the shops are.

Nic wears a nice fringe top from ::KC:: . It's a gift. The summer necklace i found at the Mesh Avenue ( from Izzie's). The pencil skirt is from Fanatik an old groupgift but still available. I recolored the skirt. And Nic was a bit rich today, she entered the Essenz group.. pff expensive. But i mostly like the groupgift shoes. And these fringe shoes go so well with the fringe top. The smal fringe bag is from United Colors. Bought the bag at  marketplace sl.

Hair: Truth - TRUTH New Release & Group Gift 10 July 2015 (free)
Top: KC - :::KC::: *GIFT* AZTEC Top (free)
Shoes: Essenz - Essenz - VIP group gift 7/1(free/ but group join fee)
Bag: UC - UC_fringe_bag_black_women
Necklace: Izzzie's at Mesh Avenue  - Izzie's - Summer Memories Necklace gold (NEW)
Pictures made at Mesh Avenue

Bye bye, Nic

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