Sunday, July 26, 2015

final day

This is our final day...This is the final thunder...Up on your roof so high...Let's stay and wait for the morning...Even if it's not in sight..And if our final day has come...Let's pretend to carry on...And if the end has now begun...Live on on..

Yes it is a sort of final day. The Hair Fair will come to an end.. Not so dramatic as the text above.. but it is worth to mention, because you can use this final day to get what you not already grabbed! Run people run. And another final day will soon be there: the end of my Attic ( at The Deck) july round. So run to get the summer outfit that Nic shows you. In may colors available.
Nic throws away all the dress forms longer needed, when it is the end. The dress forms you can get at Remarkable Oblivion . It is one of the many groupgifts that you can get there. Group join is 50ld.
Nic wears one of the hairs from Elikatira. Showed another one of the three gifts already before.
And as the end comes we need angels .. the necklace "angel's secrets"will help...It is a very good gift from Pixel Box. You can put a picture in it, so you take your angel with you..mine is grey, as you can see. It can be weared open or closed..Thanks Dancer for the tip.

Outfit: Leri Miles Designs at my Attic ( july) - LMD Cyndi Coral (NEW)
Necklace: Pixel Box  - PIXEL BOX - Necklace "Angel's Secrets" (free)
Hair: Elikatira at HF - [e] Chantal - Essentials (free)
Dress form: Remarkable Oblivion - RO - Dress Form Mannequin Container ( free/ group join 50ld)
From inventory: Shoes - Shey
Pictures taken at: Sarawak

Bye bye, Nic

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