Monday, July 20, 2015

dominant or submissive?

Is she or he the submissive? What does there body language say? It's up to you to decide. Play time at the beach!
I told you yesterday about the Baku On event. Nic had luck when she arrived. The set with long skirt and top she won.  Nic wears a tattoo from White Widow. Beautiful tattoo's in that shop. With appliers for mesh bodies. Nic's hair is one of three free hairs from Elikatira at the HF. Wedges are a new release from B!asta. Tjip i invited yesterday to come to the Okinawa Summer Festival for a swim pants. He got this one at a gatcha machine. Thanks Vivian for the tip. The towel on his neck is from his inventory. His hair is in the box from A&A at the HF. I changed the color a bit. On tjips back a tattoo that he won at the  SMC mainshop.
That surfing pose Nic won at a lucky board at the Okinawa event.

Nic wears:
Tattoo: [White~Widow] -[White~Widow] Whiplash  - MeshBody Appliers
Skirt and top: et tu at Baku On event- *:et tu:* LB Crop top and Long skirt (LB/free)
Hair: elikatira at HF - [e] Kara - Essentials (free)
Wedges: B!asta - [B!] :PHI PHI ISLAND: Caribbean . Wedges for SLink Mid (NEW)
Surf pose: +Espoir+ at Okinawa event- couple surfing +Espoir+ OKINAWA (LB/free)
Pose last picture: H<>W - H<>W Couples Pose - Nuzzle (Free)
Tjip wears:
Swimwear: *MGSIT-STORE*at Okinawa event- [M]12*MGSIT-STORE*SwimWear[M]12 (gatcha/10ld)
Tattoo: :SMC: - ):SMC: TATTOO TW (free/LB)
Hair: A&A at HF - Hair Fair 2015 - Gift Box - Alli&Ali Designs
Pictures taken at: Umbral

Bye bye, Nic

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