Sunday, September 21, 2014

something terrible happened

Policemen in plain clothes. They were called at home and rushed to the place of the accident.
They regulate the traffic and cover the dead body with a plaid. Sad story. But here it is just a story.
Tjip shows you in this scene new clothes.
Yesterday i met a newbie and learned him how to get a acceptable avatar. We searched a free skin and shape and a sweater. He weared a non mesh skinny jeans.Today i searched for him a good free mesh jeans. Well here you are guys. The jeans on the first two pictures is 10ld at marketplace from Olen. More colors available. You get the version with rolled up cuffs ( as shown ) and a straight version.The jeans on the last picture is new in the Midnight Mania at Linealrise Designs.
The steel blue shirt with vest is the groupgift from Kauna for Fameshed. The brown Docs boots are from a hunt at Ghee. You need search a golden leaf. The Docs boots in dark brown have nr #2 and the light brown ones on the next picture have nr # 10 ( each 10ld). The beige hoodie is the groupgift from G&D at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room. The shirt ( and jeans as said) are from the MM at Linealrise Designs

Jeans ( picture 1 and 2): Olen - Olen - Essence jeans - washed blue- (10ld)
Steel blue shirt and  vest: Kauna at Fameshed - Kauna - FaMESHed Group Gift (free)
Dark Docs Boots: Ghee - ghee Autumn Hunt #2 (10ld)
Beige hoodie: G&D at Cosmopolitan Sales Room - G&D Sweatshirt Hood Larson v5 (free)
Light brown Docs boots: Ghee - ghee Autumn Hunt #10(10ld)
Outfit last picture: LRD - LRD MM board gift October 2014 Male (free)
White boots:LRD -  LRD GG October 2014 Mens Leather sneakers (free)
From inventory: Dark hair - Truth;  brown hair - Redgrave
Pictures made near the Ghee shop

Bye bye, Nic

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