Friday, September 19, 2014


Oh he is such a nerd! Always with his nose in the books. Even when he comes to watch Nic's skate qualities he is reading. He doesn't notice when Nic wears another top. But he helps when Nic looses her eye lenses. Nic is a nerd as well. She is also very interested in what he is reading as you can see.

They love to wear unisex clothes. Both wear a harem pants from KlubWerk, a new release. Go to the shop to see the other colors and textures.
Nic wears a linen spiked dress, a gift from Mirus. The  top on the last picture is a british top from KlubWerk ( new release) Again a coincidence. Scotland stays british and she wears a british top.
Because of the spikes, spiked jewelry. I added also a nice wishbone necklace.
Sneakers from Ripe berry at marketplace. They are very good.
Tjip wears nerd glasses free at marketplace. I love tjips shirt. It comes with a texture change menu. The shirt is an unisex gift from Lapoint&Bastchild. And for those who follow this blog ... tjips hair isn't unknown. See the post before this one. Look for info there. The key chain is an oldie from tjips inventory from kal rau

Spiked dress: Mirus - Mirus Spike Gift Linen mesh dress (1ld)
Sneakers: Ripe berry - Ripe berry sneakers Gift (free)
Wishbone necklace: Zyn - Zyn ~Wishbone necklace (free)
Pants: KlubWerk - KlubWerK.her {HI 5} -haremTweed- black [MESH]Unisex (NEW)
Top: KlubWerk - KlubWerK.her -BritishTop- [MESH](NEW)
Bracelet :*KA* -  #KA#  2 Spike Bracelets (free)
Spike metal collar:  [Soco] - Vendor-Spike Metal Collar (free)
Shirt tjip L&B -L&B Swear "Classic" T-Shirt - GE - Group Gift (free)
Hair with cap tjip: NS::  - NS::  Mesh Ghetto Hair (1ld)
Glasses: Babacka - Gift Super Nerd Glasses (free)
Poses: umino - (ii) poses
From inventory: hair Nic - Truth, shoes tjip - Kapone
Again thanks to Dancer. Your list was marvelous.

Bye bye, Nic

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