Sunday, September 21, 2014

ghee autumn

Yes it is autumn. I have to admit,i want as long as possible summertime. I like autumn too with misty sun through the wood, but not the grey rainy days. No let is be as long as possible summer.
But alas the hunt at Ghee with warm thermals an knitted beanies and legwarmers and docs boots is worth doing to get the good autumn mood. The beanie is a good one. You can change all axes. You know we always wrestle with hair coming through hats. Well here you will get at the end a normal size beanie without hair coming through.
Search a golden leaf. Go in edit mode to the content to see what you found, if you don't want everything. There is a board outside so you can see what is in the hunt.

All clothes from the Ghee hunt. Every item (10ld). Taxi to Ghee here.
From inventory: my little friends the elfs- d-Lab; backpack- Mr. Poet

Bye bye, Nic

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