Saturday, September 27, 2014

kiyomizu hunt street music

Today i did the Kiyomizu hunt, because i thought may be i get unexpected things to use as accessories for my blogposts. And yes i was right. I ended up with a nice drums set and a guitar and some clothes i wanted show you. The drumset is a wearable set. Ryoko Karillion made it Just for fun but it seriously takes 200prims. So wear drum on stomach or pelvis if it's hard to rez. "Since the drum set doesn't have its own AO, please visit Kumaki Glasses Style to get free AOs. K_gs free AO also includes stick and brush so i don't have to make any more", ryoko writes. And so i did and dicovered more free pose sets there. The guitar from the kizomizu hunt comes with a hud for animations. Nic wears a white jumpsuit and a black and white dress from the hunt. The dress i also weared with the jumpsuit under it. Checkered shirts and dresses will be hot this autumn in rl.
The shoes are new at Pure Poison. Group members get one free pair, 1 click at a blue gatcha machine. In the notecard is written that you need slink flat feets. That is need slink high feet to weer these shoes.

Taxi to Kiyomizu  hunt area  here
Boots: Pure Poison - Pure Poison - Ilya Boots - Black ( free/ one pair from gatcha)
Jumpsuit: Tho-ryan-se - KiyomizuHunt#65 Tho-ryan-se (free)
Checkered dress: :SMC: - :SMC: Short Sleeve Dress-KH KiyomizuHunt#32 *+.SENCHA-AN.+* (free)
Taxi to the area with the kiyomizo hunt gifts here. Search a ninja cat.
Guitar: Witch babe -  KiyomizuHunt#75 WITCH BABE KIYOMIZU(free)
Drums set: *ryo*ryo* - KiyomizuHunt#22 *ryo*ryo*
Free ao for drums: K_gs - DemoHUD for K_gs DrumKit Jazz ( free / behind the drums in the shop)
Pose packs : K_gs - kingofpopand free animations ( both free)
From inventory: Hair  - ( red)mint ( was a wearable demo on one of the hair fairs), flute, wristband watch cow - love soul, wristband - hermony
Pictures made at:  (red) Mint

Bye bye, Nic

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