Tuesday, September 30, 2014

no internet

Yesterday i had no internet. The provider had problems. No tv, no internet and no phone. So weird.
I had already clothes in my mind to show to you, but i had to be patient. Then in the morning it was ok. But i had to go to work.. and now in the evening i finally can make my blogpost.
No long explanation, because it is late and tomorrow i need be at the airport at 5.30 to pick up an important family member .
The short hair is from little.bones at an event No 21. I tell you later more about the event.
The long hair is the new groupgift from little.bones. You get a fatpack.

Outfit first pictures: Blue Couture -  BLUE COUTURE SWEATER/MINI SET CHEETAH BOX(free)
Dress third picture: Toxic Candy - {TC}dress Josy gift
Dress and jacket and shoes: Blue Couture - BLUE COUTURE  SILK PURPLE  COAT BOX ( sl frees&Offers gift )(free)
Short hair: Little.bones at No. 21 - little bones. Girl - Ombre&Roots
Long hair: little.bones - little bones. Feline - FULL GIFT(free)
From inventory: Shoes first 3 pictures free at Warwick ( showed before); Necklace - BSD
Pictures made at: Daydreams, The Colder Water

Bye bye, Nic

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