Sunday, September 28, 2014

posing time with pigs

Just a bit fun with pigs at home to show you nice clothes from eHr. Nic wears a sweater with a pig. But you also can get the sweater without a pig. They are just 10ld. The pants from tjip are also 10ld. There are for males and females more nice things for that prize. But it was tjips time to be pampered. So he got a sweater for normal prize and new shoes at eHr. He wears hair from Redgrave. Nic wears a nice mini skirt from KlubWerk. It is the groupgift. You also can get another color, the gift from SLFree&Offers from KlubWerk.
Nic wears boots from Pixel Mode from her inventory. The color matches so good with her skirt!
Nic wears new hair from LoQ'ue ( formerly known as LoQ). LoQ'ue has this round nice hair at The Dressing Room Fusion. This hair Gia Pawpad just shows there. So be careful, they have the normal prize.

Hair Nic: LoQ'ue - [LoQ'ue] Vodka Dark Brown Pack
Hair: tjip: Redgrave -! Hair TYLER - Dark - REDGRAVE (RGP1140002)
Sweater Nic: ::: EhR ::: - ::: EhR ::: _ pig shirt (white)(10ld)
Skirt: KlubWerk- -miniskirt/VENUS- [AQUA](free)
Skirt: KlubWerk- -miniskirt/VENUS -[Petrol} ( free for SL Frees&Offers group)
Pants tjip:::: EhR ::: ::: EhR :::_ Mesh_ Men's Pants Black (10ld)
Shoes tjip: ::: EhR :::-  ::: EhR ::: _ Sneakers (Black/ White) unisex
Sweater tjip: ::: EhR :::-  ::: EhR :::_ men's sweater (gray)
pig Tjip - Jesse Nacht - FPM! -pig (9ld/ you also get a donkey and cow)
From inventory: pig Nic - D-Lab, Nic's boots Pixel Mode
Pictures taken at my home location. You are all welcome there to see some pictures about China from my vacation

Bye bye, Nic

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