Tuesday, August 28, 2012

for Nelly's birthday

"Nic can you help me", Soraya asked yesterdays evening. "I want to make a sl picture for my rl friend. She has her birthday today". And there we did go immediately, making pictures. First picture shows Soraya's exitement about the shop and the birthday of her friend. She went inside the shop and was impressed about the huge cake. As you may be know, when you read this blog more: Soraya is a HUGE bag lover. So it was important to make a picture  with a good view on her bag ( pic. 3). See  the luxurious boxes for the cupcakes. It must be a famous shop with delicious cupcakes. And all done we went back home. Happy Birthday Nelly.

Top: Top: Ce_Cubic - !_Cubic effect Sheer knit
Hair : Analog Dog - Tavern - black
Shorts: Emery - Emery Short Leather Mischa Khaki
Bag: Ricielli GLAMOROUS HUNT item#19 (15ld)
Pictures made at: Cupcake sim

Bye bye, Nic

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