Sunday, August 26, 2012

making ready for the day

Early morning Nic is brushing her hair. So glad with the dress from yesterday, that i show you the black lace version. And another dress that i found. It is the groupgift from M*Motion, that is released today. The dotted bikini, that Nic wears as lingerie, is also in the package. But there is a problem with the long dress. because of the lace part there is an alpha included that just can go as far as a mini dress. The skirtpart of the dress is narrow so when you have an animation overrider with wide legs standing or when you walk, the legs come through the dress. Its is such a pity. Designers is there a solution for something like this? And that cute hair that is Nic is brushing is from Dura. Relatively new i guess. Hair from Dura has a very affordable prize.

The mirror and the pouf ( with many animations) are in the groupgift from Alb Dream. The gift is a total villa in oriental style.
Oh and for the groupmembers there is a gift: tanktops (changeable). Here  you can find it.
Finally dressed up like this with the mesh black pants from Blueberry group. See info and notices  from the group (free)

Black lace dress: TGA Designer - Draped Dress ( full perm promo 500ld)
Long dress and bikini: M*Motion - M*Motion C12-13 Group Gift( new) ( free)
Hair: Dura - *Dura-Girl*37(Dark Brown)
Hair brush: Quark Yifu - Hair brush (sculpted ( 10ld)
Villa:  Alb Dream fashion - ALB VILLA LAMU (89prims) furniture (262prims) GROUP GIFT Analee ( free)
For the jewelry  see my post from yesterday.

And here for the evening in sequin.

The brown crochet top is from NV. In the shop are some clothings prized down to 50ld. The boots are a groupgift from blueberry store group

Boots: Blueberry store - Blueberry *Mesh* Group Gift Boots Black
Crochet top: [NV] - [NV] Lil Sweater -Brown ( 50ld)
Bye bye , Nic

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