Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nic's new stuff

This new jacket from Grasp i combined with two different skirts. The black one is from a groupgift at Bella's Lullaby. The black/grey one is a part of a dress from a hunt at Censored. The grey pumps are also from that hunt. There are 5 hunt items. You need search a flower. Each flower costs 20ld.
The loose jacket comes with different t-shirts.You can change the pattern and color of the t-shirts with a menu.
The necklace is an gift at U&R Dogs.
The hair is just 20ld from HairARt. Go upstairs their is a discount area with all hairs 20ld.
The bag is from Lucky Board at Bella's Lullaby.

Jacket with t-shirt: Grasp - +grasp+/Loose style shirts(Mesh)/Denim_Pink/Womens (new)
Black/grey skirt: Censored - GBH #02 .::CENSORED::. ( 20ld)
Black skirt: Bella's Lullaby - BL Groupgift - Moustache Tee & Ruffle Skirt ( free)
Pumps: Censored - GBH #01 .::CENSORED::. ( 20ld)
Hair: HairARt - HairARt - Shinne Hair Dark Brown ( 20ld)
Necklace: U&R Dogs - :+*R*+: Repetitor Necklace Ottava Silver ( free)
Bag: Bella's Lullaby - LB prize - Mesh tote bags Perfectly Imperfect ( free/LB)
Glove: Hermony - .:Hermony:. / LeatherGloves / Burgundy Pack ( 1ld)

Bye bye, Nic

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