Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Unknown Hunt!

This was a great idea for a hunt (little sad I didn't think of it first - lol).  You can read more about it here.  Most of the shops were indeed unfamiliar to me, although some I couldn't quite figure out how they were classified as "Unknown" as they have been around awhile and I've been there for loads of hunts before (oh well).  There were also a few shops that brings to mind the logic - just because you can open a shop doesn't mean you should.  Thankfully, these are very few and far between and this was a pretty easy and quick hunt and worth it.  There are also some wonderful non-fashion related finds but I thought there was more then enough clothing to show off alone.  As always, my favorites:
Furse Tri: Cancun Bliss Midnight Bikini and Wrap
PetitCrazy: Hunt SkullyShirt with Southpaw: Naturals Fathom Eyes (pants not from hunt)
!Doux Couture: Malibu Babydoll Zesty (pants not from hunt)
((fine)): Themis Necklace
T Junction: Plaid Bikini 
Tribal Soul Designs: Magnus' Eyes - Light Brown (shown in all pics except where indicated otherwise)
Tivenchy: Lime Bikini
Broken Doll: Polka Dot Bikini and Bracelets
Willow:  Bow Shirt with High Waist Polka Dot Shorties 
Unravel:  aRa Dress 
Ruru@Pino: Extract(night)-EyeDress
Schwarz: Hunt Dress with Shorts
Envy Designs: Karma Green 
MeteoRain Main store: Dress, Sunglasses (includes hair not shown)
Tarina's Neutral Zone Boutique: Lily-Green Floral 
La luna di carta (Paper Moon): Waves Top, Skirt and Shoes
Dark Water Designs: Unknown Hunt Gown
Tragic Beauty: B*tch Shirt and Jeans
Sweet Agony Designs: Sun T-shirt, Funky Latex Pants and Gold Tone Sunglasses
Torque: Denim Cherries Dress
Shush: Shredded  rainbow top with Mini ruffle skirt
diavolicious: Marina Couple Complete Outfits (female outfit shown, male also included)

All Poses From: marukin  (some are from the hunt and some of them I bought while I was there hunting lol)

Skin in all pictures Tribal Soul Designs:  Retro Skin (LOVE this).


Anonymous said...

Thank you muchly for mentioning The Unknown Hunt in this post. We appreciate it.
<3 Evie
One of The Unknown Hunt organisers

And yes there was a couple of stores that have been in previous hunts before, and some of them have been around a while but have either only just started taking part in hunts or never taken part in them before :) I'm glad that you enjoyed the hunt, and never know there might be a second Unknown Hunt :P

Karina Larkham said...

Thanks Evie!! I sure hope there is!

Evelyn said...

and there is a second one! The Unknown Hunt Halloween

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