Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How many Minutes to Midnight left?

Hey all! :) I hope you're all doing well. I got some great stuff to show you today! Have fun!

[M2M] is a new store for me. I heard about it before but I never checked their store. Today when I was trying their stuff out, I was really surprised how a new designer could make great things like these! In my opinion they're doing really great, and I'm excited to see what they'll come up in the future. They offer skins,shoes,clothes,elven ears etc. I really enjoyed trying out some of their clothes, and I think you should too!

~ This skirt is from [M2M] I really like the graphics on this one, very well done.

~ This dress is from [M2M] as well and is really cute! I love short dresses like these in both lives, so it's great to have these in SL as well! Done with lots of effort as well.

At [M2M] you'll find many great things that I'm sure you'll end up throwing lindens at. I really need to check the store out once again!

Landmark to [M2M]


Also a small poll I thought I'd ask you :D

~~ Do you prefer me blogging about freebies or full price items? And do you think I should blog freebies a bit more? ~~

Thanks for taking some time answering this poll! :D

Have a nice day <3

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