Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Egg Madness Hunt!

I didn't finish this hunt, but I'm not really sure how many shops are in it.  There appears to be no blog and the organizer references The Hunt Locations for hints - but even she gave up on it (I got farther then her though).  If you want to take a stab at it, can read (a little) more about the hunt here.  Looking for pink eggs.  If anyones made it past Never You Mind (which I couldn't find and had no idea where to go next) please let me know!  Onto the sweet stuff:

Malley's Fashions: Shirt, Bra, Jeans, Panties (you can slap the Happy Hunters Subscribo while your at Malley's too - *hugs* Malley!)
AtomicBambi:  Dress Rosara
SteamBound: Lady Popinjay
Trixxy's Shop: Easter Top & Skirt
Zahir: Easter Bikini
Ducknipple: Spring 08 Dress (two skirt options yay!).  You also get a Spring Sweater which I'm wearing in the pose pics!

Kabuki Creations: Sweet Surrender
Curvature: Easter Basket
vMotional: Our Picture pose

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