Saturday, March 27, 2010


Hi all!! Yesterday was the BOMB! I loooveeee Fridays :D I guess you all know that I live in the Emirates and there's this new store in Dubai called "Candylicious" It's heaven! Everything is made of candy! Tables, chairs, flowers all made of chocolate! I ended up paying 54 dollars on candy, chocolates and little trolleys made of candy! I was mad, really mad. Scroll at the bottom to see the pictures of the place!! =D Also to brighten up your day, I'll show you the new hair from truth :D

~These cute hairstyles are from Truth's latest release. You know truth right? If you don't then I might come and shoot you in the head, in a nice way of course.. with my candy gun! ^_^ Anyway, these are perfect for summer! I love the flower on it that is texture change to many colors, and if you just hate flowers, you could make it invisible! I think Truth's hair textures are one of the best textures in SL. And with all of his amazing hairs, it's really hard to choose! I guess we're spoiled. :|

~Here are some outfits I put on with my new sexeh hair.

Hair by Truth, skin by Tuli, jacket by COCO, dress by Hyper Culture, belt by Urbanity, leggings by Ilaya and boots by redgrave.

hair by truth, skin by Tuli, brown jacket by Tuli (I don't think it's available anymore), dress by oyakin and shoes by In her shoes.


DUN DUN DUN!!! Below are the pictures of the store candylicious! I hope that will keep you hungry ;D


HEAVEN ISN'T IT?? Gotta go eat some candy now, see ya all soon! =D

Ohh btw! Check this out Me and my wifey Christensia Parkin took pictures in this awesome sim called Dubai love UAE (and that's exactly how Dubai looks in RL, apart from the tall towers and the tallest tower in the world, google it! awesome isn't it? I'm lucky to live there :P) We had lots of fun there, I love you my cherrycupcakewithmorecandfromcandylicious! LOL :P

Byeeeee :D

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