Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Moodys makes me happy!

Heya all :) How was everyone's day? Well mine was awesome because these Stiletto Moody shoes just rock! Check it out :)

Everyone knows stiletto moody, right? Well if you don't know it I bet you've been living under a rock. But because I love you I'll tell you more about it ;)

Stiletto Moody is one of the most famous shoe store in SL. The owner (Stiletto Moody) is experienced in making high quality heels. From low to high - Sexy to glamorous and WAY MORE. When you visit Stiletto Moody you'll end up paying over 10k, believe me :P The owner puts lots of effort in her work, (as you can see). You could change the skin colors, nail color, sometimes accessories and many more. You could even purchase a pack with extra nail polish and accessories. One more thing is that you should definitely join her group, because she makes sales a lot, and you sure don't want to miss them!

Lets get with the pictures now ;)

Here I'm showing one of her heels, gorgeous huh? :) These are the Stiletto Moody Bare Robin in the color BlackBerry. And can you see how amazing the color of the feet fits my skin tone? I used the DirectInput for that :) You can also save the skin tone in empty slots! Isn't that awesome?

They're really beautiful and worth every linden.

Here's your Taxi to Stiletto Moody

I hope you enjoyed this post! More to come soon :)



Anonymous said...

Although Moodys are all the rage right now, I think they are ridiculously overpriced for the quality of the product- there are other prim-foot shoe stores with just as high-quality for a much more reasonable price that should be getting more attention.

Nereisse Aluveaux said...

I can't deny that Moodys are very expensive, but I think it does guarantee some exclusiveness, which is also very appreciated by a lot.

Also Moody has built up such a longtime good reputation, I think it's very good it still remains such a strong brand.

Anonymous said...

I think Moodys have been around for a couple of years now, and they have sculpted feet and shoes. The quality seems to be excellent, and their prices are in line with others such as Maitreya Gold. During the sales and the fatpacks, the prices are not much different than others.

Maretch Waffle said...

Hi all :) Thanks for the comments.

I agree Moodys are expensive, and there are many other places that have cheaper ones. I adore Maitreya's and I've been wearing them forever. I still like moodys though :)

I hope that's what you guys meant :)

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