Monday, October 26, 2009

Sunny Sim Hunt - A little game!!

Ok have to be super quick about this one because it's late and I have work tomorrow (wah!). A lot of great shops in this hunt and it's really lots of fun! You can read about how to do the hunt, the shop list, landmark and all that stuff here. It's only going until the end of the week so I wanted to get the pics up pronto! AND - since I don't want to be bothered telling you which is from which shop - the first person I get a notecard from in-world correctly telling me which shop each top or dress is from - I'll send $200L!! (Nere your exempt!) I'll announce the winner Tuesday night. Just to make things even easier - the jeans in all the posts are the gift from Decoy. Ready - Go!


Kellie Iwish said...

/me assumes she is also exempt from the contest ;)

Thank you for the post! I'm really excited about the event and all the fun stuff that everybody put out!

Nereisse Aluveaux said...

I recognized them all on first sight, except for that last yellow shirt... but I'll figure it out!

lol@Kellie, I too think you're exempted :)
(Hint people, hint!)

Karina Larkham said...

This was truly the most fun hunt I've done in a long time (and I've done a lot). Melissa and I really enjoyed running around the sim looking for bones and then ringing the doorbells for our gifts. Very clever! I loved it!

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