Saturday, October 24, 2009

19# Envy this...

Early this morning my buddy and I scoped out the Gal Sim in search of the lingerie scattered everywhere. We found all 9 outfits and here are my favs (I love pastels).

  • :::: Liquid by ENVY :::: Daily Lingerie
  • Hair:Magika - Brown Pack - Star
  • Bracelet::+*R*+: Myrten Bracelet [R]
  • Necklace::+*R*+: Partita Necklace(previous blogged lucky chair item)
Next up we have Surf Co., I have always been a fan of Emma's past releases and the new goodies just keep getting better! So fitting for the fall of the leaves and change of season, makes me want to get cozy and never take it off! Thanks Emma ;)

  • Hoodie:[SC] Surf Couture - Vintage Fall Fest Hoodie - Gray
  • Cardigan:[SC] Surf Couture - Kettle Corn Cardigan - Violet
  • Jeans:[SC] Surf Couture - Hot Cocoa Stain Jeans - Ultra Dark
  • Boots:[SC] Surf Couture - Rain Boots - Cocoa
  • Hair:fri. - Tatum.2 - Browns
  • Earrings::+*R*+: Queen Pierced Earrings (1l @ main)
So I was at KDC mall and saw that Madsy had a really cute vibrant lime jacket on her lucky board. So I finally scored and matched it up with this! :) (there are a TON of lucky boards at this mall, most stores have one out but you must join the KDC mall grp to win). I love the bam of this outfit, and Linc never fails to bring us more yummy minis!

  • Jacket:(Madsy) Blazer - lucky chartreuse
  • Dress:*Linc* Petite Pink
  • Necklace:*SiSSi* Loose Pearls ~long~ (new and totally hot!)
  • Hair:((JUNWAVE))EMMY(Atype)*FatPack*
  • Skin:[RockBerry] Uma Light Dk Brows (I love this skin! I really need to wear more Berry)
I just wanted to show a few more of the Petite's from Linc, only cause there are soo many colors and it is a must for your wardrobe :) The new jeans from Cynful also go well with them ^^

  • Dress:*Linc* Petite White/Smaragd/Eggplant/Poison
  • Jeans:[ Cynful ] Orange Bottom - Pattern ~ Zebra/Swirlies/Hearts/
  • Necklace:*SiSSi* Loose Pearls ~short~
  • Skin::: *Glance-Britney-Holiday (not avail, was holiday skin)
  • Hair:fri. - Deena - Happy Blond
I'm loving the dress theme starting here, next is the new Solange Sassys! Comes in 8 colors for all occasions you may have. I also paired them with this pretty pearl set of jewerly @ DM Designs.

  • Dress:*Solange!* Sassy - AQUA
  • Jewelry:**DM** Isabeau II
  • Hair:TRUTH Hair-Melanie
  • Skin:Glance-Adriana-Shimmer
With all the new mini's coming out of every corner, it is always hard for me to choose which ONE I want to wear. The new Hucci's Dance Darling is totally gorge!

  • Dress:::HH:: Hucci Dance Darling - Pink & White
  • Earrings:::HH:: Hucci Heart Drop
  • Hair:((JUNWAVE))LoosePony*BLACK*
The new WoE Cinches are adorable, they add such a pop to that plain ole tank! I also love the color of these pearls. I'm not usually into gold jewelry but this set is far from the tacky gold that I usually think of when I think of the color. Yay for a great look overall.

  • Top:WoE UB-01d Denim Waist Cinch - Clay/Midnight
  • Jewerly:.:: TBP ::. Tahitian Pearl Complete Set Gold Copy (Bagged)
  • Hair:TRUTH Hair-Stephanie
Phew ok, I know there's a lot but I like to overwhlem you guys with the goodies ^^Enjoy!
Holli Thespian-The Barbie

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