Saturday, March 24, 2018

view over a French village (Land of Rainbows egg hunt)

Click small picture to enlarge. My flickr picture is here. I feel flattered because the picture became the picture of the day ( March 26th)  in the We Love To Decorate group. You can read the description there. Oh and i love faves of course ;)!
Soon it will be Easter. Nic is at the attic of a high building looking over the roofs of a French village. This brings scenes from the movie Amelie in my mind. The attic is cosy and decorated with Easter decorations and plants. The Easter decorations and the desk with chair, Nic's outfit, hair and nails  are from the egg hunt at the Land of Rainbows. The hunt is running from 23th of March till the 6th of April. Many well known shops are participating in the hunt. You will not regret doing it. It's very easy to find the eggs.
The plants are from Vespertine at FaMESHed.  The glass jar with sprouts is from Apple Fall from the hunt. The cute bunny in a basket with tulips is from a gacha from Ispachi.

Taxi to the hunt is here
Sweater with bagpack: M&M 16. Land Of Rainbows Easter Egg - M&M STYLE ( with color hud)(free)
Hair: MINA - Milena blond Land Of Rainbows Easter Egg hut  hair (free)
Nails: Meva Bento Nails 3 Box  with color hud  (free)
From inventory: jeans - hottest Fashion Store  ; body - Maitreya; skin - LAQ; head - LeLutka

Office  chair and desk: Fancy Decor - 08. Land of Rainbows Easter Egg - Fancy Decor (free)
Basket with chicken and daffodils: TLC Land of Rainbows Hunt - Easter Basket*(free)
Lamp: EASTER LAMP 2018 by "sources" (free)
Chocolate bunny: 44. Land Of Rainbows Easter Egg - HEXtraordinary (free)
Spring wine basket:  part of a set with a picknick cuddle blanket 70. Land Of Rainbows Easter Egg - unKindness (free)
Basil sproutlings in a glass jar, a book with eggs  and a nest with eggs: Apple Fall Easter Hunt Prizes (free)
Painting cart: ~ASW~ -  Ostara Painting Cart (free)

Home: Scarlet Creative - Scarlet Creative Huntsman Manor
Basket with  bunny: Ispachi - ISPACHI [GARDEN FRIENDS] Sniffles the Bunny (gacha/ see  marketplace/ shop isn't active anymore))
Plants: {vespertine]  at FaMESHed - [vespertine} Exotic plants pack (NEW)
Pictures made at Scarlet Creative
Bye bye, Nic

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