Thursday, April 21, 2016

then i'd buy some furniture and give the cat a name..( breakfast at Tiffany's hunt)

Nic is showing you some items from the breakfast at Tiffany's hunt. . The cat collage is from the hunt and the pile with suitcases and the white pearl bracelet with golden clasp. Nic's dress is a new release from monLISA at marketplace. Love to wear it with the jacket from COCO  and my sophisticated hair from Dura. Shoes are from H@s. I also love to show you the cat cupboard from Shutter Field. Just 25ld in the part of the shop with the gifts. I discovered there a new groupgift and made pictures outside near the pool from the AXL Pro house where i was making pictures. There you can see the nice tin planters hanging and standing with fern, grass and flowers. Group join is just 20ld. And there are several other beautiful gifts ( showed before on the blog). And do you still know that beautiful breakfast gift from Bazar. Table  and chairs and breakfast. It's an oldie but still in the shop and so useful for a good morning feeling with your beloved one.. See below.

Dress: monaLISA - -mL- Eve Dress - Mesh - HUD
Jacket: COCO - *COCO* Jacketovershoulder (beige)
Shoes: H@s  - H@S Jaqueline - Multicolor
Hair: Dura  - *Dura-Boys&Girls*50(Dark Brown)
White pearl bracelet - Ooo La La - # ! TBATH2 Hunt Gift - No.25 - Oooo LaLa Designs (free)
Pile of suitcases: Shabby Tabby - # ! TBATH2 Hunt Gift - No.12 - Shabby Tabby (free)
Cat Collage - Simply Shelby - part of Simply Shelby BAT Hunt Prize (free)
Cat cupboard: Shutter Field - [sf ]  cat cupboard ( 25ld)
Star mirror: Storax Tree - Fortune and Fame hunt ( coin near the info board)  #04 - StoraxTree (free)
Planters: Shutter Field - [sf] metal planters - group gift ( free/ group join 20ld)
Breakfast set: Bazar - ~BAZAR~Good Morning Set (1ld)
Bye bye, Nic

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