Friday, April 22, 2016


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Maecenas was a very rich Etrusk and a benefator. He liked the pursuit of pleasure, but pleasure of the more sophisticated kind. He  gave his friends royal gifts. And because of that he became famous. And why do i tell you this. Well i met a bit a Maceanas here in sl. Ofcourse we all benefit here from the gifts from designers and bloggers find there Maecenas in the sponsors of their blog. But now i met someone who spontaneously gave me presents. And she has a good taste. She answered me when i uttered my surprise:  "So am i she said". A sort benefactress. I will not give away her name here. But want say thanks to her with this blogpost. She gave me the nice long sweater on the first pictures and the lovely set from Dead Dollz on the last picture. Love the backpart of the set.
It is a pleasure to show them to you.
In the middle a nice set from Sentinus ( just 25ld at the moment). And it is important to know for you that at the moment there are some hairs at Sentinus  just for 15ld. And on the walls 25ld. Nic is wearing the red hair and the dark hair from Sentinus. More colors are possible because you get fatpacks. Run because i don't know for how long this offer will be.
The bag is from C'est la Vie. Such sort of a bag is today the Fifty Linden Friday item at that shop.

Long sweater: tres blah - -tres blah - Oversized Sweatshirt - Fashion 1985
Pinks set on the last picture: Dead Dollz - .::Dead Dollz::. Gorgo - Pink
Black/white set: Sentinus - -Sentinus Mesh Candy Outfit (25ld)
Hair first picture: Sentinus -Sentinus Hair-Fitted Mesh Kessie Hair Allcolors ( 15ld)
Dark hair: Sentinus -Sentinus Hair-Fitted Mesh Poli Hair Allcolors (15ld)
From inventory: Shoes - H@s ; jeans  - ZD
Bye bye, Nic

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