Saturday, April 23, 2016

is he in Berlin?..yes he is....( Men Only Hunt 7)

The terrace above could be in Berlin, i fantasize. Berlin has many good terraces for relaxing.Tjip is showing you some items from the Men Only Hunt 7. I think these are may be blogged by many already but i love to have it on my blog to be complete, concerning good quality items from that hunt. A good start i think. Tjip is wearing the black leather jacket from American Bazaar. The first shop in the row of the hunt. The green jacket is from Gabriel. Quality is good as always from Takuya Jinn. The armband ( see picture below) is from . tjip is wearing flipflops from ZED. His jeans from American Bazaar. Both items make him looking good ... loose and relaxed.

Credits: green jacket: Gabriel - ::GB:: Varsity jacket / MOH(free)(tip in a room behind walls - a cleaning set is before the wall)
Black leather jacket: American Bazaar - [AB] Bomber Jacket (free) ( tip near the jeans that tjip is wearing)
Jeans: American Bazaar - [AB] Barry Jeans Black
Shoes: ::ZED::  - ::ZED:: MESH Silver Canvas Flip Flops for Slink & Std
Bracelets: Clef de Peau - Clef de Peau Outlet.Chain Bracelet.Special colors for MOH 7 (free) ( tip: on the terrace behind tjip)
Bye bye, Nic

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