Saturday, April 2, 2016

blood in the water

The world on the rim of the abyss. The blood sun rises over shadows...
Inspired by the shoes from N-Core with the gun at the side of the shoe i placed Nic in a dangerous world. Eros and Thanathos.

I searched a dress in the same color as the shoes. The blue from the shoes you can't match with all blues from clothes.  But this dress from Precious Designs is a perfect match. It is the 50% off offer now in the shop. So now you pay 75ld. Nic's hair is from Analag dog. Not free but beautiful in my opinion. It comes with a good hair base. Nic's  necklace is from a gacha machine from junbug. I got so  many items from someone how said in a group that she wanted give away the gacha items she didn't want anymore. I was overwhelmed by what i got from her.

If you read this post in time. You can join the Midnight Mania madness ( the second round of this day) Info>>> here. Presents list and teleporters >> here. This happens  every firth friday of the month.

Dress: Precious Designs - PD ~ Sale Bag -  Play Date Dress (75ld now)
Shoes: N- Core - N-core GROUP GIFT "Nika" Electric
Hair: Analog Dog - AD - carmella - blacks
From inventory: necklace - junbug (gacha/ grecian godess colar silver); jacket- COCO
Pictures made at: Furillen
Bye bye, Nic

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