Friday, October 23, 2015

ups...didn't see him

She didn't see that poor guy, fell over him and slipped. Oh  dirty she felt. She went as fast as possible to the waterside to clean herself and change clothes. But she discovered how that poor man came to his end. Crocodiles! And she discovered another victim. Clean but shocked she went away.

This morning i went over to PurpleMoon for the halloween hunt. You need to be in the group to get your hunt items. I was happy to meet Vivena Weismann there, We met before and at that time i wrote also about her blog and flickr page. Vivena helped me find all the hunt items. You need find halloween hats. I got 13 presents. The black jacket, the orange shoes, the bag, the black pants and the slayer zombie are a few of the presents. I show  this year in Halloween time items, that you also can wear on not halloween days, except for the accessories.

When you are in the puprle moon group you can grab now all old groupgifts . They are with appliers now!! Poulet Koenkamp is so generous with presents in this time of year and often also other times! Big thanks Poulet!

Vivena tipped me also about the dress on the last pictures. Dress (in black and silver) and the  shoes are a gift from GeMyles. Thanks Vivena for your help and tip. Scroll for clo-ups.

Jacket, pants, bag, zombie and shoes: PurpleMoon - :: PM ::  KCGC 10,05 ,03,13 and 12 (free/ but group fee)
Dress and shoes:GeMyles  2000 Members Group Gift(ADD ME) (C) (free)
Hair: Pepe - pepe group gift Feline ( with color hud) (free)
From inventory: hair- Elika; necklace - MG; hairband- Xen's Hats


Unknown said...

Nice post Nic! and thank you very much for the mention and links :-)*

Nicandra Laval said...

YVW Vivena.. it was such a pleasure to meet you again. Hugs Nic

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