Thursday, October 22, 2015

Oh deer!...Kustom9 anniversary gifts

Nic among deers . She is wearing some of the presents from the anniversary at Kustom9. Each present is 9ld. She shows you her warm sweater, a hair ribbon with skull, a cat bracelet, a necklace and hair from Kustom9. There are more presents there.
Nic's shoes are from Similar, a groupgift. The color for the maitreya feet is different from the color for the slink feet. These combine good with the leather pencil skirt from Nic's inventory. May be you can still get this groupgift from Fanatic.

Taxi to Kustom9  here
Hair: Moon. hair at Kustom9 - Kustom9 Birthday Gift Box - Moon.
Hair ribbon with skull: Tableau Vivant at K9 - Kustom9 Birthday Gift Box - Tableau Vivant (9ld)
Sweater: Pixicat at K9 - -Pixicat- Cozy.Sweater (Plum) (9ld)
Cat bracelet: Ninety at K9 - Kustom9 Birthday Gift Box - (Ninety)
Necklace: Zenith at K9 - =Zenith=Leather Rope Preal Necklace (3 colors)
Shoes: Similar:
Deer near Nic: SMO -sakisa Deer here
From inventory: Bag - Shey (free)
Pictures made at Whispering Wind
Bye bye, Nic

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