Saturday, October 31, 2015


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Ieeeekkkk a rat attack ( see one of the small pictures!)
This is how Nic visits  the halloween party tonight. She can go sexy in just the body from Ashmoot with bones or she can go a bit more modest in the body plus the legging (from Spirit). Still in doubt about what to choose.
I promissed myself this year to show from the halloween items the ones you also can wear on normal days. I did it in many posts before this one. But on Halloween day ...i think, it is good to show a Halloween outfit for those who search suddenly for something like that.

The skin is free at Faboo. Try your luck at the gatcha machine . it's not sure you get this one , but all are good. Below i will write short  tutorial about some problems i had with adding the skintone to my slink feet. May be helpfull for others too, what i figured out.
The smeared makeup is from the Tag! gatcha as well as the corkscrews with fishbones on my shoulder ( see the Tag! gatcha post) Some accessories i showed before on the blog. Also an oldie i used , the skelleton hands on Nic's breast are from a voodoo costume from Brii from last year ( may be still available). Brii has many Halloween costumes.
May be i add Dancers costume for this day when she is online in time.

Body: Ashmoot - AsHmOoT_Celebration Coll_Skeleton BodySuit (free)
Pants: SPIRIT - SPIRIT - Halloween leggings/ more available in the Kitja,Evani and Rinka shop on that sim (each piece 6ld)
Skin: Faboo - FABOO. GATCHA BOX - ZOMBIE SKIN - PALLID #2 (free)
Ring: Luxe. - LUXE. Skull Ring (free)
Corkscrews: May's Soul for Tag! Gatcha - Creepy lolita head piece (free)
Necklace with axe: Hudson- in HUDSON's HALLOWEEN Accessories  (free)
Crown: *:..Silvery K..:* at Wayward Halloween Gatcha -  Magical Gacha [eye patch silver] [2]( gatcha/ 50ld)
Arm cover: Silvery K - *:..Silvery K..:* arm cover
Smeared eyemake -up: Clemmm for Tag! Gatcha - Clemmm trick (free)
White eye- shadow: White~Widow- [White~Widow Face Tattoo]Mexico Whiet ( free)
From inventory: necklace and skelleton hands -  Brii Miss Voodo complete outfit; shoes - Shey (Alba)
Pictures made at: Spellbound
Bye bye, Nic

Short tutorial:
The skin comes with an Omega applier for mesh body, feet and hands. For the Maitreya body you must also use a Maitreya Omega system relay hud. For your slink feet and hands you need the Slink Omega system Kit . Unpack that kit and then first click the installer, you  activate the installer then. Use the omega hud from Faboo and the Slink Omega system kit at the same time. But...i discovered that when i used the Slink hud and after that wanted use the Maitreya hud. The Maitreya hud  didn't work. Relog and then use the Maitreya Omega and the Faboo Omega to get the good skin color on the rest of your body.
Another new thing i learned ( thanks to Juliet) how i could remove the  the neck part, that didn't get the color from another skin, between my not mesh head and my mesh body. There is a button in your Maitreya hud to solve that problem. You find it under the tab skins and options  called neck fix ( button on/off)

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