Saturday, May 23, 2015

un jour..there will come soft rains

Embryo, a sim where i used to go in my early days in sl. I am glad to discover that the sim restarted. At the sim you can find siestbril Nitely's shop ( Nic is posing in front of her shop) with nice items. On the sim is also the shop from tomoto Wachter.

“You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening,
And live like it's heaven on earth.”

Good place for picture making. Nic shows you a lot of nice free things. The top with shirt on the second row is the male groupgift from 7style. The female groupgift from that shop is on the last pictures row. The dress is the last groupgift from S@bbia ( with hud for one other color). The open top ( third row) is the Gingham Hunt gift from Wicked. Comes in white and black. Oh and the fence with bird houses is from the a gift from Finishing Touches for the Homestuff group ( join group 50ld). There are more gifts there. I went there for a nice breakfast pizza on cast iron from Torax Tree.

Shoes; BSD - {{BSD Design studio}}Metgala Shoes- slk - raw and grey (NEW)
Dress: S@bbia - S@BBiA::Flower Dress (GG/ free)
Checkered blouse with shirt: 7Style - ::7Style::  joobri Shirts Male (GG/free)
Open blouse: Wicked - WICKED * Shelly - Gingham Blouse (hunt/free)
Blouse with scarf: 7Style -:7Style:: Cashy Shirts (GG/ free)
Hat: Zenith at Kustom9  - =Zenith=Summer Rattan Hat
Hair: Tableau Vivant at Shiny Shabby - ~Tableau Vivant~ Fresh mess // Ladies - Naturals I
Bird house fence: *FT*at the Stuff lounge -)*FT* Welcome Spring Bird House Fence (free/ group join fee)
From inventory: long skirt- Orange*Pekoe (1ld/wearable demo); marine military pants - chronokit; jeans- Addams; bag- M.Birdy at TCF
Pictures made at: embryo

bye bye, Nic

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