Tuesday, May 19, 2015

lift me up

Lift me up, and I'll fall with you lift me up. Let your love lift me up.
When the morning bright. Lifts away this night. And the light above. We will find our love, we will find our love
Your skin, your hand upon my neck. This skin, your fingers on my skin. This kiss, this heartbeat this breath. This heart, this heart this wilderness
Lift me up darling. Lift me up and I'll fall with you lift me up. Let your love lift me up

Tjip and Nic together in  groupgifts from Looser. These are from the groupgifts from the Looser VIP group(group join fee) The sweater has a hud for several color options.
The brown sweater is from the Looser group ( no group join fee). For the girls there is a black dress from the Looser group. The lift me up pose is a gift for the SLFrees&Offers group for Helamiyo. The tips for the Looser shop and the Helamiyo shop i got from Vivian Klees, an old sl friend. Thanks Viv!

Dress: Looser - :: LOOSER :: Lisa_Belt_Dress_BLACK_// EXCLUSIVE ( VIP GGfree/ but group join fee)
Red sweater with stirpes: Looser - :: LOOSER :: Samuel_Hoodie // VIP EDITION (free/ but group join fee)
Brown Sweater (see below/ scroll): Looser - :: LOOSER :: James_Tricolor_Sweater_ // 06 (GG/free)
Lift me up pose: HelaMiyo :: - HelaMiyo :: Poses Lift me up (free)
From inventory: Shoes Nic - BSD; Hair Nic - Truth; jeans tjip - Not So Bad
Pictures taken at: Sunrise Hill 

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Miyoko Magic said...

I see you found someone you trust to lift you like that! Love it :)

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