Sunday, August 17, 2014

what a pleasure time!

Nic is enjoying her place near the water. She shows you swimwear. I know in sl already more warm clothes are coming in the shops..but no.. i don't want the summer to leave so soon. The bikini and two swimsuits all come with colorhuds. The halter swimsuit is in normal mesh and fitmesh. The others are both normal mesh.
Aren't they all nice?!
Going back home and now wearing warmer clothes, a new release from Rowena's Designs. Behind her on the ground already mushrooms. Yeah autumn is coming. Be prepared with warmer clothes.

Bikini: Rowena's Designs -{RS} Jenna Bikini
Swimsuit second picture: Rowena's Designs -{RS} Lynn Swimsuit
Halter swimsuit: Rowena Designs's - {RS} Glenda Halter Swimsuit
From inventory: Hair - Mina
Pictures taken at: Sarawak

Bye bye, Nic

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