Saturday, August 9, 2014

kagami 2014..traditional japanese horror event

What happened here? Roofs and a statue in the water. First Nic is in contemplation. Then i think there comes a sort of sadness over her. She takes her sword and thinks, she has to fight. But swords can't help against  sad thoughts Nic. May be the sad thoughts are about the horror at the kagami event. Kagami means mirror,  i learned. Mirror to the dark worldin this case. The kagami event will run for the full month of August. There is a HUNT and more. Read about it here.
Nic wears an outfit from Silvery K. You can buy it at Kagami 2014. It is the jacket and the short pants. A hud is included with more color options.Nic wears a legging under it from her inventory. The hair and hair accessories and the legging and shoes are all from a japanese kimono from Sweetaholic that i got long ago from a Japanese friend.

Outfit: Silvery K at Kagami -*:..Silvery K..:*Jinbei(Mesh)For Lady BlackEbony
From inventory: hair  and accessories and shoes - Sweetaholic;
Pictures taken at : Kagami

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