Friday, August 1, 2014

mister business

Tjip in a suit for the summer to go to his business. It is a 10ld on marketplace. His attache case is from inventory. Tjip met Mihaly. He wears clothes from Pixact. The sweater you can wear with and without the shirt. His jeans and shoes are from a casual outfit from Gizza ( old groupgift). hairs from Mihaly are from EMO-tions.
Suit: .:pure:. - .:pure:. NIK Men's Suit FAWN - (10ld)
Sweater and shirt - Pixact - PixyNeck Sweater & Shirt  grey
From inventory: Shoes - The Gentry; Attache- Bad at Croquet ( shop gone)
Pictures made at : Neva Sky Villi

Bye bye, Nic

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