Sunday, August 17, 2014

dream within a dream

All soft and white. The white dress is like a dream within a dream at the beautiful colder water sim, at day dream. Follow for travelling.... beside the well known bitacora viagera sl travel blog..... this blog from Vivena click here . The pictures are beautiful.
Again someone photographed me because she saw me and liked my scenery.
Dress: Hilly Haalan at Cosmopolitan Sales Room - CSR Gift - [hh] Strapless Dress(free)
Pose: *CC* - *CC* black swan pose (free)
Hair: Exile at C88 - Exile::Letters and Lipstick Light Browns
From inventory: Shoes - GField; necklaces - *AA*
Pictures made at: The colder water, daydreams

Bye bye, Nic


CatherineG Walworth said...

In your picture showing the Hillie Haalan white group gift dress you said the pearls were by AA. I am having trouble finding that store. Can you tell me where you got them? Thank you

Nicandra Laval said...

Hi Catherine sorry that i am late with my reply. The full name of the shop is Atelier AM.It was located at the Itutu sim. I can't find the shop anymore. I think the shop is gone. The designers name is aya Huldschinsky

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