Sunday, August 3, 2014


When i have my week stipendium i go buy the new EVRA neckpiece (unisex) at Shi. And then i will do the Enchanted Stamp card ralley. The theme this round is Bluebeard ( from the story of Charles Perrault). Read more here about it.
You have to buy a product in one of the participation stores. In the store is a special item for sale. With that item you get the stamp card. Go along all the shops from the Enchantment event and get you stamps at the stampmachine. In the end you go at a special place (here) to get your prize. But... i have to wait till tuesday. And because of that, i used some Shi clothes already. The cardigan  with straps is the groupgift in the shop (group join fee) The cardigan comes with the neckpiece.
Dancer sended me to Cavallera Fashion. There are many groupgifts she told me. The red pumps and the black skirt are from there. I also took a leather jacket and a gown. Look around and take what you like.
Nic's ring and bag and i-phone are from the SL Frees&Offers gift at Moimoi. Glasses from CheeNo from my inventory. But for you free sunglasses at Vogue. See below
Cardigan and neckpiece: Shi - .Shi Gift : Ravel Drape Cardigan & Fabric Necklace (free/ but group join fee)
Red pumps: Cavallera Fashion -Cavallera Gift 02 (free)
Black  skirt: Cavalera fashion - Cavallera Gift 04 (free)
Bag, ring and i-phone: Moimoi - part from MoiMoi  Summer Hopes for SLFO (free)
From inventory: sunglasses - CheerNo
Pictures made at: Ten  thanks Verdant for the tip about this place

Bye bye, Nic

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