Sunday, January 19, 2014

they must have a severe talk

Remember Tjip dancing with Soraya? Watch here to see what happened. Tjip feels guilty about it. He invited his friend Ingo to say sorry to him and have a good talk. Will he come?  Waiting and being nervous makes Tjip hungry. He already ordered some cookies.
Tjip wears a winter sweater. The gift for all from Prim&Pixel. You get a hud for four colors. The roll up pants are from ::K:: . Texture is like tweed. Ingo is a guy who loves to wear decent clothes. So tjip thinks he is dressed well for this important meeting. He didn't want to hurt his friend and don't want to loose him. So all need to be ok. Well except may be that he is drinking his beer from the bottle.

The guys together. First a bit shy with the situation. But drinking beer helped. Tjip invited Ingo to the dinner table. Ingo was impressed about the beautiful place. I think all went well after that. They are the same old friends again.
The sweater from Ingo has a hud for many textures. It is Liquid it fits perfect. Very worthwhile to buy this one.

Sweater Tjip: Prim&Pixel - P&P Argyle Sweater w/ Texture Change HUD (free)
Trousers Tjip: ::K:: - ::K:: Roll Up Trousers Gray (NEW)
Sweater Ingo: Redgrave -  LQ Mesh Jumper HalfZip / Basic  REDGRAVE
From inventory: Boots - Coco; Hair - W&Y (shop's gone); Hair  Ingo - LAQ; Jeans Ingo - [R] 360 ( free)

Bye bye, Nic

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