Monday, January 20, 2014


Nic shows you a nice groupgift from Munereia. You can wear the skirt also without the belt. The shop is new to me. I also made pictures of another old groupgift from that shop. See below. And there are more groupgifts overthere.
But first a picture in the same clothes with the Valentine's cake from Alehandrita. Thanks Alehandrita. Yeah Valentine day is coming!!! You can make someone glad with this cake.
Outside her shop is a nice gatcha machine with cupcake necklace etc.

Skirt and shirt and armband: Munereia - Munereia - Pesca ( free)
Dress with bolero ( boots included but not shown here): Munereia - Munereia - Ligne-Aecor-GG (free)
Pink necklace: Phoebe for feebs Rascal's - *P* MESH Necklace ~Kiara~ ( free)
Cake: Alehandrita Design - Valentines Cake
From inventory: Shoes - BSd; Hair - Dela
Bye bye, Nic

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