Friday, January 24, 2014

Little Hopper

This café is not so clean. Did they make ham? One pig survived? Nic will go clean all?
Well better not because she wears her new hoodie with armwarmers. Better go walk on the beach. The hoodie is a great finding from Soraya on marketplace. Nic wears it more sexy then Soraya did. Soraya weared a sweater under the hoodie. But because it was both mesh, i had the problem that the sweater came through the hoodie or i had to wear the XL and that made Nic look so fat. I saw a set from Gabriel with a bit identical open side and there i saw a band top under it ( see below). I searched in my inventory and didn't find a top like that. But this bra has the same idea.

Hoodie and handwarmer: .::: Catnip :::. - .::: Catnip :::. - hoodie dress "Heather" 2 (free)
From inventroy: Hair - Truth; Boots - Coco.
Picture made at: nostos deer

Bye bye, Nic

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