Saturday, January 18, 2014

La petite Fleur

Sometimes i go back to places where i once got nice groupgifts or with good lucky boards to see if anything changed. And i was happy to find this long t shirt sweater at La Petite Fleur. You get the sweater in five colors. I took the brown one to combine it with the collar from the groupgift from Morea Style. The collar is from a non mesh leapard mini dress. Nic bought a sweet sakura in pot to bring some spring into her home. From inventory the studded boots and the  pants ( last release) from chronokit. the pocket watch is from Sleepy Eddy. I got it at the gatcha event.

Oh and psssst, at La Petit Fleur you also can get a cute recording shelf.

Collar: Morea Style - Part of *EXCLUSIVE GIFT JANUARY*KRISS ( free)
Tshirt sweater - La Petite Fleur - "La petite fleur"UnB Tshirts GIFT ( free)
Sakuro: Nonino - * nonino * Sakura Pot set
From inventory: pants - chronokit; Boots- J's; Hair - truth; pocket watch - Sleepy Eddy.

Bye bye, Nic

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