Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Rock Spice Music

Rock spice music. Nic as dj wears the groupgift from M*Motion. You get the longsweater and the stockings. Nic wears the stylish stole from ::K::. I got the stole on the monthly party from Larcoco Mathy  ( from C'est la Vie ) and  Kitt Ragu. I think you get the invitation for the party when you are in the C'est la vie group or the ::K:: group. I liked the party  and i think on such a party day you get a present. So join one of the groups and stay in tune. Such stoles you can buy in the shop from C'est la Vie.

Sweater and tights: M*Motion - M*Motion 5000+500 Member Gift (free)
Stole: ::K:: - ::K:: Stylish Stole CLV Monthly Party RedxBlack

Bye bye, Nic

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