Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dancer as a french maid

Here is Dancer my super helper for finding free stuff in sl. The good free quality things come in my shoppinglists ( interested?: join the lovina group /see my profile) or on this blog. So now and then Dancer writes me saying: "hi Nicandra, i found something for you". I always appreciate that very much.
Yesterday she showed this french maid dolly dress. We talked about it and decided to make pictures today with a tray with tea.
I happend to be in a japanese garden when i tp-ed her for the pictures. I hope the japanese people from that house will like her English breakfast tea . ;)

Dancer is wearing free hair from A&A from marketplace. It has an asian style i think. (Soraya said to me: " you are like a granny when you wear it... grrr..haha") This hair is very good to show you the free earrings and necklace. The pumps are also free.
About the shop of the skin, i can tell you, there are more free items... a sweater and pants, a cute animation overrider and more skins in lucky chairs. But this one is the valentines special that you can pick-up immediately

Oh and Dancer helped so super. She made a style card with all the names and slurls.. So lesser work for me. Thanks Dancer. Big kiss for you and i hope you like your post.

Skin: [Pink] - VALENTINA LOVE (0ld)
Pumps: In her shoes - [IHS] Circus Lolita black
Hair: A&A - Bella updo from A&A, promo on marketplace ( free)
Eyes: Amacci - InSight ~ BrownGreen Eyes ( SOM gift 0ld)
Dress: VC Designs - :: VC Designs: GOTHLOLI DOLLIE DRESS OUTFIT:: (5ld)
Necklace and earrings: WTG - +:+WTG+:+ **Luce della notte scura** set ( free)
Gloves: SF Design - "sf design free gifts for gentlemen" ( free)
Café tray: Milk Hall - -MHFA- Cafe set Weartype ( free) good for valentines day :)

Bye bye, i will ask Soraya to help me making a granny post :), Nic

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