Thursday, January 19, 2012

good day for a picnic

Nice dress and a good day for a picnic. The snow we left behind in Saint Petersburg.
Tjip got his brown leather jacket from the Midnight Hunting board. It is a good one. But pff we had to write many to hit the board. Also a nice jogging outfit there as a groupgift.
Soraya showed this picnic place. Thanks Soraya. She liked the food from the picnic basket. Tjip eats a sandwich.
And yesterday evening i got this dress from Kamille from the new Konejitas group. Muakkkkk Kamille thanks so much. It is a gift from that group. Go to the shop and touch the board and this cute one will be yours. I combined it with my trench jacket from Dela ( shown before).
And huh what did tjip do in the meantime. He changed clothings and he has blood on his shirt. Did he had a fight with the maffia in Russia?

On tjip:
Leather jacket: Costa Creations - [CC] RIDER JACKET - [Brown Leather] ( free)
Outfit with blood:Death Dealers - Death Dealers' Market - Group Gift :) Demonic Soul [Men]( free)
On Nic:
Dress: mJ'DS - mJ'Ds - KV*r Gift - Puffy Elegance Dress - Purple ( free)
From inventory: Trench jacket - Dela; Boots- Maitreya; Hair Nic - Maitreya; Bag - Tee*fy; Hair tjip Dura; Outfit tjip - JSC ( posted yesterday)

Have a nice day, Nic


Laura18 Streeter said...

Aw cute picnic and pics Nicky :)

Sorraya said...

lol..yes because you have a lot of work and must eat and drink .

enjoy happy because tijp like the sandwich

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