Wednesday, January 25, 2012

bags and chocolate

This post is made for Soraya and it is about her addictions ;) She likes bags so much. And i was glad to find some nearly free bags today for her. She was complaining this morning: "i am out of money again, so i can't go shopping in sl today ( big sigh) and nowhere are places where i can camp and earn money ". I teleported her to the bag and told her about the sale at Truth District and that i bought truth hair there for 125 ld. "Oh my goodness".. she said.. " then i go to sl change to buy lindens ". So shopping and spending money in sl is another addiction. And i happen to know the next addiction: eating chocolate. So i tease her with my huge chocolate cupcake that i just bought. Lace... clothings with lace.... is the last addiction from her, i wanted tell about.. So i think she will love the dress ( 1ld) from Sakide.

To get the dress touch the taupe dress and buy for 1 ld...on the wall between normal prized ones. There is also a torn jeans in the box. It is sale time in truth district. Some old groupgifts you can find ( from DCNY and from Truth the hair Becky)there too.
Together with the small bag from Priss you also get a dress.
I wear free eyes from Fashism. Join the group and you will find them in info and notices. Many colors.

Dress: Sakide - [ SAKIDE ] Crochet Sweater Dress Taupe ( 1 ld)
Small bag: Priss - (PRISS) - FTLO Millenium Hunt Prize ( 1 ld)
Big bag: CM - ((C*M)) Satchel Bag -GG limited--check group notices ( free)
Eyes: Fashism - ! FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Hazel Light ( free - join group)
Hair: Truth - TRUTH Janice - dark browns ( sale)
From inventory: Leggings - Mimikri; Boots - maitreya; Belt - Woot ( see post surreal); Skirt - Kyoot.

Thanks Soraya, i found my bag in rl , Nic


Sorraya said...

what a realy nice bag .the same we saw in rl shop...
this is realy the sweedest bag ,
thanks for find it .)))
i love it
and nic looks so happy .she smilies :-))) i know wy.because of this lot of chocolade i think.

Laila Laperriere said...

HURRY, swipe all those goodies and stick em in your bags!!

You look great, love the taupe colors. =) xoxo

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